Childcare, Fees and Provision

Child Care, Nursery, Fees and Provision at the Children’s Centre


The Centre is open from 7.45 am until 6.00 pm Monday – Friday 50 weeks of the year. It is closed for the 2 week Christmas holiday, all Bank holidays and for one staff training day each term. Carers will be notified well in advance of these days.

Your child can have integrated education and care.

This means you can access your Nursery funded place and buy additional care around this according to your needs.

Childcare and Nursery fees

The Avenue Children’s Centre Fee Structure January 2022
Babies3-24 Months
Toddlers24-36+ Months
Early bird (07.45-8.00) this session can be added to the 08.00
1.65 1.65  
£4.50 £4.10 Freshly prepared cereal and toast with assorted toppings, Milk and water to drink
£17.90 £16.40 Milk and water are provided mid morning with a healthy snack
Lunch 11.45-12.15
(only available with an am session)
£3.35 £3.00
Freshly prepared and homemade two course meal
(available to purchase)
£17.90 £16.40 Milk and water are provided mid afternoon with a healthy snack
Extra hour 3.30-4.30
£6 £5.50  
Extra half an hour 4.30-5.00
£2.90 £2.60 A light tea is served at 4.30pm
£6 £5.50  
£3 £2.75  
Short day 08.45-3.30
£40.10 £36.80
Including lunch and snacks
(a hot lunch is available to purchase)
 All Day 08.00-6.00
£59.50 £54.10 Including breakfast lunch and tea (lunch is available to purchase) 


The Avenue Nursery Fee Structure January 2022

Children are entitled to 15 hours of Government funding the term after their 3rd birthday.


Funded Nursery
Session Times
 Early bird 07.45 this session can be added to an 8am start
7.45-8.00  £1.65  
08.00-08.45 £3.70 Freshly prepared cereal and toast with assorted toppings, Milk and water to drink
08.45-11.45 or 12.15-3.15 £14.75 Milk or water are provided morning and afternoon with a healthy snack.
After Hours
3.15-4.30 £6.15  
After Hours
4.30-5.30 £4.95 A light tea is served at 4.30pm.
 After hours
4.30-5.00 £2.50  
After Hours
5.30-6.00 £2.50  
 Short Day
(Hot luch available for £2.40)
Including lunch
(bring a packed lunch or a hot meal available for £2.50)
  • A charge of £6.00 will be made for pickups of up to fifteen minutes late. Another charge of£6.00 will be made for any part of any fifteen minutes thereafter
  • Fees are payable in advance. Sessions will be cancelled due to any non payment of fees

What your baby needs

  • Nappies
  • Nappy cream
  • Wipes
  • Baby milk (We provide cows milk)
  • Baby food (For under 12 months)
  • Comforter
  • Sun hat and sun cream


What your toddler needs

  • Nappies or pull-up as appropriate
  • Clean clothes
  • Comforter if needed
  • Waterproof coat
  • Wellies
  • Sunhat and sun cream for summer months