• Mrs Stainer


Welcome to USA reception class.
We will be sending daily emails with learning activities you can do with your children - come here to view the daily emails again or to follow links to websites.
We hope that you are all staying safe and making the use of your garden in this brilliant sunshine!
Create a rainbow and put it in a window! 
 Daily emails
Week Beginning 23/03/20
Children can continue to practise their Phase 2 and Phase 3 phonics at home.  Go to and use the following free login details to play the games.
Username: march20
Password: home


 Every day you could:
  • Encourage your child to mark-make every day.  They could draw or write about anything that inspires them.
  • Read your child's school books for 5 minutes daily.  This may only be 2 or 3 pages at one time, they do not need to read the whole book.  It is important that they blend each word carefully and talk about what they have read.
  • Play is incredibly important for young children - play alongside your child, modelling and developing a wide range of language.

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