Dance Festival 7.02.18

On stage everyone was so excited and were bursting to dance in front of all those people. As we stepped on stage and got into position we felt a rush of adrenaline which made everyone dance as best as we could. 3 minutes of dancing and at the end of it everyone was gleaming with pride. At the end of it we all stopped on stage and for the final time bowed to the cheering audience below.

By Lilly  


During our amazing experience of dance fest, we had so much fun performing in front of loads of other people. We all had to wait backstage for a while which is very important. It gives you time to prepare for the dazzling moment. We were all bursting with excitement and couldn’t wait to dance in front of such a big audience. After we had danced and our time to shine was over we were instructed to go back to our seats and watch the other performances.

By Katie