EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) at The Avenue

At The Avenue Primary School and Children’s Centre, we see the Early Years Foundation Stage as a unique and highly important phase in children’s education and place great emphasis on ensuring we provide a language rich environment. Many of the children who enter our EYFS unit are from military backgrounds and many have English as an additional language. Our aim is to welcome all children into our setting and give them a safe and secure nurturing environment where they can flourish. We see relationships as being at the very heart of education and believe that knowing the children in our care really well will help them to thrive as learners. Many children enter through the nursery class with high social and emotional needs and speech and language delays.  Our flexible play-based curriculum aims to meet their language needs, providing children with high quality interactions that continue to support the prime areas of their development as they move beyond nursery and into Reception.

It is important to us that our children have a passion and drive to learn in an environment where staff support them in making links with their learning through our ambitious and contextually appropriate curriculum. We want to excite children with a variety of learning opportunities, using both our indoor and outdoor space, and to immerse them into a world of imaginative play. Our intention is for all children to develop positive and mutually respectful relationships with one another, celebrating the cultural diversity within their class.  We aim to work in partnership with parents and see them as a hugely important part of their children’s education. We want children to leave our Foundation Stage being confident, happy learners, with a high degree of independence.