• Miss V Hackeson


    Resource Base Leader
    Germany Class Teacher
    House System leader
    Student Leadership group Leader

Term 1 - Celebrations
We are all very happy to be back at school and excited to introduce our new topic Celebrations. During this term we will be introducing the children to our new school Core Value Monsters and plan to do lots of work around being positive, aspirations and being resilient. The children will have lots of support to get them used to being in a learning environment again and processing the changes that have happened since March. 
The children will also have PE with our new sports coach Miss Win and take part in Woodland Learning sessions with Miss Walton, we look forward to seeing the children partake in a range of new activities.
In math's, writing and reading we will be focusing on checking the children have retained previous knowledge and building on that, we will spend time looking at basic skills, written methods for math's and lots of practical activities for children that learn best that way. In writing we will be looking quite closely at the correct grammar and punctuation to make a piece of writing successful and linking this in with our topic work. Lastly, the children will read daily, we will make sure they are feeling confident with their reading abilities and look closely at the children's comprehension skills.
Important information:
Start and end times of the day:
8.45am drop off at the small gate near the kitchen.
3.05pm pick up at the small gate near the kitchen.
There is a 10 minute window for parents that need to drop off other children within the school, however if you arrive after this time you will need to come to the main reception.
The children have PE and Woodland learning every Wednesday. We ask that the children come in to school wearing their PE kit. they will then change into Woodland learning kits. 
  • We ask that the children bring their named water bottles with them every day, filled with water and that if they/you wish for them to have a snack that this is a healthy snack (fruit).
  • Wellies are also needed at school, it may be an idea for your child to have a pair they keep at school if you are able to. The children will be on the field in all weathers and this will protect their school shoes.
  • If your child wears glasses, please could you make sure/remind your child they must bring them with them each day.
  • Please ensure your child brings their reading book/diary with them each day, we may pop notes in the diary/write in there when they have read. This is also where we put their spelling to learn.
Key Dates
Term 1 - Thursday 4th September - Wednesday 21st October 2020
Term 2 - Monday 2nd November - Friday 18th December 2020
Term 3 - Monday 4th January - Friday 12th February 2021
Term 4 - Monday 22nd February - Thursday 1st April 2021
  • Friday 2nd April - Good Friday
Term 5 - Monday 19th April - Friday 28th May 2021
Term 6 - Monday 7th June - Friday 23rd July 2021