By the end of the French curriculum at The Avenue, our children will have developed key language learning skills, as set out by the National Curriculum, and a love of languages that will set them up for secondary school and beyond.

The impact of our MFL curriculum is measured in a number of ways. Our children will be able to discuss their learning and demonstrate their knowledge and understanding through a range of ‘Show what you Know’ activities. These may include pupil conferencing, looking at work in books, double page spreads, models, pictorial representations or images/videos of children’s practical learning. There are opportunities for teachers and pupils to assess pupils’ learning at the start and end of each unit to measure attainment and progress.

When our children leave us, they will have a better knowledge and understanding of the richness and diversity of their planet and the cultures that inhabit it, as well as a desire to learn more about the many languages that are spoken across the world.