How we teach Science at The Avenue

Teachers encourage positive and aspirational attitudes within their classrooms and communicate the expectation that children can achieve high standards of science.  We teach the requirements of the National Curriculum alongside our comprehensive science skills framework from Early Years (as Physical Development, Understanding the World and Exploring and Using Media and Materials) through to Year 6. We ensure the children have opportunities to explore a broad, balanced and differentiated curriculum that has been well thought-out in terms of progression and development relating to conceptual knowledge and scientific skills. Teachers demonstrate how to use scientific equipment, and the various Working Scientifically skills in order to embed scientific understanding. Teachers find opportunities to develop children’s understanding of their surroundings by accessing outdoor learning. Regular events, such as Science Week, allow all pupils to develop their curiosity and love of science. Carefully considered activities linked to these events provide broader provision and the acquisition and application of knowledge and skills. We feel it is important for children to have experience and contact with scientists, innovators and engineers within our local community. The opportunities that we provide, give real purpose to our children’s science learning and allow them to aspire and share their science related experiences to a wider audience.

Science at The Avenue is taught in blocks which allows children to achieve depth in their learning, as well as having opportunities to develop their understanding through Mastery. During Term 5 & 6, Science is one of the focus subjects alongside Art & Design and Design Technology. Teaching these subjects alongside each other, allow for STEM opportunities and for children to recognize cross-curricular connections. Science is planned and taught throughout the year for children to revisit, embed and develop their knowledge, understanding and skills. Our curriculum is delivered in a way that is exciting, interesting and engaging to our children. Activities are planned and delivered in a way that children can make progress within each lesson and across each unit of learning. Children are provided with opportunities throughout their school journey to experience a variety of scientific enquiry methods that inspire them to ask and answer questions about the world around them.