How we teach Mathematics at The Avenue

We ensure that our mathematics curriculum is fully inclusive to all our children. Every session starts with a 2 minute challenge where children consolidate basic number skills and try to beat their score as the week progresses. This is followed by a starter where previous skills are recapped through a variety of questions.  In maths lessons, children develop conceptual understanding and have opportunities to recall and apply knowledge through a range of differentiated activities. Children are encouraged to use mathematical language to justify, argue and explain their thinking. By completing a variety of word problems, children demonstrate and apply their mathematical skills. Throughout the lesson, children are monitored and those who have grasped a concept rapidly are offered in depth mastery questions before moving onto new content. Those who are not secure, are given more time and support to consolidate their understanding before moving on.

In order to prepare our Year 4 children for the statutory Multiplication Times table Check, we use 10ticks which replicates the test that the children will sit in June and offers them opportunities to practise times table skills through a range of games. In addition, there is a clear progression for the teaching of multiplication tables from year 1-5 (times table progression document Y1-5). The multiplication Times table Check data is used to inform year 5 teachers which children need continued support in learning their tables as they move into year 5. 10ticks is also used across the school from years 2-6 as an additional tool to support children’s mental maths in the 4 operations in a fun and enjoyable way.

Whilst no individual scheme is followed by the school, teachers do use a variety of resources to support their teaching of mathematics. These include: Target Your Maths, CPG text books, Twinkl, 10ticks, Classroom secrets, Testbase and White Rose resources too. All activities and tasks are differentiated, to ensure that all children have the right amount of challenge in their maths learning. This is in line with The Avenue School’s commitment to inclusion.