Geography at The Avenue

Geography is a subject that is packed with excitement and wonder. It helps children gain a better understanding of our world’s people, places and environments, and the interactions between them. Geography helps children to understand how and why places are changing, and to better imagine, predict and work towards what the future may hold. Underpinning all of this is an awareness that deepens our understanding of what places are like, why and how they are connected.

This vision of geography is what our geography curriculum at The Avenue is built around. Through our carefully tailored curriculum, children will develop into explorers. We aim to excite children about the possibilities of what the world has in store for them to explore and experience. We want Avenue children to enjoy and develop a love of geography, not just through excellent experiences in the classroom, but also using fieldwork and educational visits to support their learning, wherever possible. We believe it is crucial that our children develop an understanding of UK geography, the geography of the wider world, and how it impacts upon our community and people in the world. Our desire is for the children to build richly connected knowledge, vocabulary and skills that they can carry forward through their education and their lives. Children should leave The Avenue with a sense of their place in the world, both culturally and physically, and an active desire to enquire further into the world around them.