History at The Avenue

It is our intent to help and inspire pupils to gain knowledge and understanding of Britain’s past and that of the wider world.  We want them to be curious about history and we aim to promote enquiry, develop perspectives and form opinions about historical events.  

Through our carefully tailored curriculum, children will develop into historians. We aim to excite children about the past and how it has created our modern world. We have also selected two themes: leadership and achievement, that weave through our history curriculum as the children journey through the school. We want Avenue children to enjoy and develop a love of history, not just through excellent experiences in the classroom, but also using fieldwork and educational visits to support their learning, wherever possible. Our desire is for the children to build richly connected knowledge, vocabulary and skills that they can build upon and use in future education and lives.  They should leave The Avenue with a strong sense of where they have come from and the curiosity and sense of enquiry to find out more.