Music at The Avenue

Here at The Avenue, we want to inspire and ignite a passion for all things musical, ensuring it is an integral part of school life. We engage children by exposing them to a vast, eclectic mix of genres. Music is incorporated and woven into all areas of our broad and balanced curriculum, allowing children to express themselves as an individual, through music.  Our intention is to be sure our children gain a firm understanding of what the music is. This will be achieved through listening and appraising, singing, composing and performing music from across a wide variety of historical periods, styles, traditions and cultures. We are committed to ensuring that every child understands the importance and value of music within their own life, across the wider community and around the world. Being able use their musical skills, knowledge and experiences to immerse themselves in music, in a variety of different contexts.

Using a tailored curriculum, we want to inspire children by incorporating music into their everyday learning, with fun and engaging lessons. We ensure that there are progressive developments of music concepts, knowledge and skills across all key stages. These include reading musical notation, exploring and experimenting with different instruments, as well as opportunities to compose and perform to peers, the school and within the wider community.

We offer extra-curricular opportunities, including a school choir, with a view to expanding into peripatetic lessons. Children will have ample opportunities for exploring music throughout their time at The Avenue, experiencing the joy that music can bring.