In January 2023, we were inspected by Ofsted and were pleased to retain our 'Good' rating.
Here are some comments from the report:
  • This is a fully inclusive school where everyone is respected and treated fairly
  • Expectations for how pupils behave are high
  • Pupils enjoy learning
  • Children in the Nursery have a strong start to school life
  • The curriculum is well planned and sequenced
  • There are appropriate systems in place to identify pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities
  • In the Resource Base classes, staff create a personalised curriculum to meet the needs of all pupils
  • Pupils relish the chance to become a representative in the school
  • Pupils talk positively about the range of clubs they can attend and the ways they can represent their school
  • Older pupils discuss mature themes from the personal, social and health curriculum in a sensible and articulate way
  • Everyone has a clear understanding of their responsibility for pupils’ safety and wellbeing
  • Pupils are taught how to be safe in a number of ways and can name a trusted adult to talk to when they are worried