Ofsted Update

31st March 2015

Ofsted Update – March 2015

We recently asked an experienced, currently practising Ofsted Inspector to visit the Avenue School and make a judgement on the current situation of the school.  We felt this was needed, as now that we are a new school and Academy, it could be a while before we get a full Inspection.  It is important that we are ready for that full Inspection and are clear about the progress we have made over the last 18 months, where we are being successful and what our areas for development are.

The 2 day inspection was rigorous, challenging and mirrored a real Inspection and we were delighted with the findings and the comments made.  The outcome has left us in no doubt that the Avenue Primary School has moved a long way and that we should all be proud of these achievements.

However, we can’t afford to be complacent.  We are still playing catch up and although the quality of teaching has greatly improved, we still have to ensure that children are meeting national expectations for their age, and that every child leaves the Avenue ready for the challenges of a modern secondary school.

We received a lengthy report from the Ofsted Inspector.  The evidence for the report came from observing 14 lessons, looking through books, meetings with senior staff, a learning walk around the school and discussions with children.

The overall grades were as follows (although in a full Ofsted Inspection, the Teaching and Learning grade must match the Achievement grade:

Teaching and Learning – Good;

Behaviour for Learning – Good;

Leadership and Management – Good;

Achievement – Requires Improvement * (*the good level of teaching and learning now seen, has not yet had sufficient time to be impacting enough on the overall achievement of the children.)

A copy of the summary of findings has been sent to all parents – copies are available from reception.