Science at The Avenue

Science at the Avenue aims to spark curiosity, challenge ideas and develop understanding of the natural world. Children improve their knowledge of our universe based on observational evidence, experiments and investigations that help them to answer scientific questions about the world around them. We intend for our children to be equipped with the skills required for them to understand the uses and implications of Science that lead them to be independently inquisitive throughout their time at school and further into the future.

Our Science curriculum incorporates the acquisition of knowledge, concepts and skills with resilience, respect and positivity. The progressive nature of our curriculum allows our children to build their knowledge and understanding of a broad range of exciting and engaging scientific units. Opportunities for children to develop skills in the Working Scientifically aspect of the curriculum are carefully planned for, developed and embedded as the children move through the school.  We enable our learners to use high quality resources and equipment effectively, ask questions, conduct experiments, analyse evidence and explain concepts confidently. We actively encourage our children to feel empowered to ask questions and participate in thought-provoking discussions that challenge their understanding of different scientific concepts.