Dear Parents,
Every day you will receive an email in regards to a suggested home learning activities. This will be similar to the following;


a) 10ticks

b) Reading

c) Spellings


2- Avenue Adventures

Maths - Choose 1 activity of your choice from the Maths Avenue Adventures page.

English- Choose 1 activity of your choice from the English Avenue Adventures page.

Topic- Choose 1 activity of your choice from the Topic Avenue Adventures page.


As previously stated, this is a suggested timetable of activities. Any learning is appreciated and there are many platforms for you to get ideas for learning such as: - This is Accelerated Reader. They can quiz on their books. - This is a useful website for worksheets for all lessons.

Joe Wicks Live workouts at 9am - Daily PE - This is the original website where the home learning packs came from. It contains many other activities. - This outlines what each year group will learn in a year and you can use this to gain some ideas for home learning. 


We hope you have fun learning, are safe and healthy and regardless of what is happening you have a smile on your face. Remember don’t forget to have breaks, play in the garden, get the children to help with the chores and maybe even do some relaxation and meditation.


Stay safe

Year 3/4 team