Aims and Vision

Our Aims for your child

The Avenue Early Years Centre is a warm friendly environment where children are cared for by qualified, dedicated staff.

We believe the safety and happiness of your child to be of paramount importance.

The following principles underpin our provision for your child at the Centre:

  1. Learning through play in a stimulating, challenging environment establishes a positive approach to all future learning.
  2. Interacting with others in a caring and sharing setting promotes social development.
  3. A positive self-esteem develops by valuing each individual and their needs.
  4. Independence in personal skills and in learning ensures a confident person.
  5. Early years experience should build on what children already know and can do.
  6. No child will be excluded or disadvantaged.

We will achieve this by:

  1. Providing resources, activities, opportunities and first hand experiences which allow children to build their natural curiosity as learners, develop their language and mathematical thinking, use their imagination and develop social relationships.
  2. Ensuring all staff help children to learn about what is right and wrong.
  3. Developing positive relationships with children and their parents to facilitate a good understanding of individual needs and home circumstances.
  4. Listening to and valuing what children say, talking with them about what they are doing and having high expectations of what they can achieve.
  5. Observing and recording what children do and using those observations to plan the next steps for the children’s play, learning and development using the Early Years Foundation Stage framework.
  6. Organising resources so that they are readily accessible to children and deploying staff to support children’s play and learning.
  7. Providing opportunities to be active, indoors and out, as well as time to relax.

Parents and Carers as Partners – working together for our children

In order to achieve the best for our children we need to work together. We believe in involving parents and carers at every level by:

  1. Providing clear information prior to, or at, registration with a contract to be signed by both parties to ensure acceptance of our policies, procedures and practices.
  2. Ensuring that staff consult with and seek guidance from parents when planning and implementing childcare practices.
  3. Ensuring that parents have the opportunity to review their children’s progress on a regular basis with Centre staff.
  4. Ensuring that parents can meet with staff and other parents to discuss relevant issues and concerns.
  5. Maintaining an ‘open door’ policy with parents/carers able to come in and spend time at the Centre.