Our Staff

Senior Leadership Team

Miss Donna McInnes
Headteacher and Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mrs Rachel Eveleigh

Deputy Headteacher, Maths and DT Leader, Year 3 teacher, Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mrs Kate Savva
Upper School Leader, PSHE, PE and PD Leader, Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead, Year 6 Class Teacher

Lower School Team

Teaching Staff

Mrs Chrissy D'Arcy 
Nursery Lead Teaching Assistant 

Mrs Nic Gallagher 
Reception Teacher, RE Lead 

Mrs Carly Ritson 
Year 1 Teacher, Early Reading Lead

Mr Robbie Warren
Year 2 Class Teacher


Support Staff

Miss Stacey Mason
Nursery Teaching Assistant

Mrs Rebecca Smith

Nursery Teaching Assistant

Miss Erica Forni

Nursery Teaching Assistant

Mrs Kerry Eglin 
Reception Class Higher Level Teaching Assistant and Teaching Assistant

Miss Hannah Rea
Reception Class Teaching Assistant

Miss Sarah Leete
Year 1 Teaching Assistant

Mrs Charlie Grubb

 Year 2 Teaching Assistant

Upper School Team

Teaching staff

Miss Bethany Foster
Year 3 Teacher, MFL Lead

Mrs Karen Stainer (job share with Mrs Eveleigh Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday)
Year 3 Teacher

Mrs Rachel Eveleigh (job share with Mrs Stainer Thursday & Friday)
Year 3 Teacher, Deputy Headteacher, Maths and DT Leader, Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Miss Chanice Hurley
Year 4 Teacher, English, Computing and Mental Health Lead

Mrs Sonia Hopkins 
Year 5 Teacher, Geography Lead, History Lead 

Mrs Kate Savva
Year 6 Teacher, Upper School Lead, Maths Lead, Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead 

Support staff

Mrs Lorraine Hindley
Year 3 (mornings) Teaching Assistant 
Mrs Emma Whyte
Year 3 (afternoons) & 5 (mornings) Teaching Assistant 

Mrs Ruth Caple 
Year 4 Teaching Assistant & Speech and Languages Teaching Assistant

Mrs Sarah Sykes 
Year 5 Teaching Assistant & Emotional Literacy Support Assistant (ELSA) 

Mrs Emily Van Gorph
Norway Class (Year 6) Teaching Assistant

Resource Base Team

Teaching staff

Miss Catherine Chester-Hughes 
Kestrels Class Teacher & Resource Base Leader

Year 3 - Year 6


Mrs Sarah Hancock 
Robins Class Teacher

Reception - Year 3


Support staff

Miss Hannah Brooks-Martin 
Robins Class Teaching Assistant

Mrs Lorraine Morgan
Robins Class Teaching Assistant 

Miss Billie Lowe
Robins Class Teaching Assistant 

Ms Claire Coleman 
Kestrels Class  Teaching Assistant 

Mrs Sarah Dodman 
Kestrels Class Teaching Assistant 

Mrs Bev Fox
Kestrels Class Teaching Assistant 

Mrs Sandra O'Hagan 
Kestrels Class Teaching Assistant 


Lunchtime Team

Mrs Zoe Gallazi
Catering Assistant 

Mrs Jessica Moorecroft-O'Donnell 
Catering Assistant 

Mrs Verity Baker 
Lead Mid-day Supervisory Assistant 

Mrs Kim Mayhew
Mid-day Supervisory Assistant

Admin Team

Mrs Karen Bannister
Acorn Primary Schools' Operations Manager 

Mrs Ally Carne 
Admin Officer 

Mrs Alison Purdue 
Admin Officer 

Mrs Andrea Murphy 
Admin Officer 

Cleaning Team

Mrs Norma Stocker
Lead Cleaner

Mrs Maureen Ayres 
Lead Cleaner/ Cleaners 

Miss Mel North 

Across School Staff

Mrs Natallia Goodway
Pupil and Parent Support Worker 


Miss Claire Miller
Music Teacher

Miss Abi Woffenden
Mainstream SENDCo


Miss Catherine Chester-Hughes



Ms Lea Walton 
Woodland Learning Teacher