Personal Development

At The Avenue, we recognise that the primary years are a key time for children to develop their own identity and aspirations for the future. As well as academic development, it is essential that children are given opportunities, through the curriculum and beyond, for personal development. We understand the crucial role we can play in helping children to prepare for their adult lives so they can go on to engage positively in society. The opportunities we can offer them while at The Avenue will impact upon their future, helping them to develop the core values we hold at the school

Personal development is both a subject and a school ethos. It is reflected in our school motto of Learning, Love and Laughter and in our school values. We want to each child to leave the school feeling confident, unique and proud.


Our intent is to teach children how to navigate through life safely, happily and healthily. Children are growing up in a world that is constantly changing and it is the duty of all the staff at school in partnership with the parents teach the children transferable life skills. We teach children about the world around them, relationships, emotions, reproduction and health, as well as transferable skills to help with life. 


Our School values were chose by our school community, we all voted and these three we feel we really live by:

Love                                                                 Honesty                                                                 Respect 


For our children to Love:

To develop children’s understanding of morality in themselves and others, develop social skills and understand society, build a firm set of personal beliefs and to engage in the community they live, alongside understanding the communities of others.

Our children follow the golden rule and treat others how they want to be treated and they learn that showing love, compassion and empathy towards others makes the world a better place.

This includes raising awareness of environmental issues, and teaching our children the importance of showing love towards our planet and all creation.


For our children to live  with Honesty:       

To ensure that children feel confident to express their beliefs and take action, whilst understanding and appreciating how other people’s actions are driven by their beliefs, thoughts, feelings and experiences.

We ensure that all children feel that they belong in our special community, so – combined with our high aspiration and expectations – they feel safe, encouraged and prepared to flourish both during their time at The Avenue and beyond.        


For our children to Respect:

This is where we learn to treat others as we want to be treated. How to be part of a community, manage our feelings and behaviour, and form relationships with others. "You push, I pull" - figuring it out together. Naturally, we have an ethos of inclusivity and tolerance in our setting, where views, faiths, cultures, and races are valued and where we encourage children to engage with their wider community.

We ensure that we help children to appreciate and respect their own culture and the culture of others. We can help them explore similarities and differences between themselves and others; among families, faiths, communities, cultures, and traditions; and to share and discuss practices, celebrations, and experiences.


  • The Avenue Values and Assembly
  • PSHE and RSE Curriculum
  • E-Safety teaching and learning
  • The teaching of Emotional Literacy and Mental Health
  • Progression in Oracy
  • Opportunities for Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural (SMSC) development
  • RE Curriculum
  • Student Leadership Opportunities 
  • Extra-Curricular Opportunities
  • Community Links and Service 
  • We teach about Protected Charateriscics 
  • We teach our children about the British Values

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  • Assemblies, on a Monday,  we all gather together to learn and areas that will enrich our Personal Development.  This assembly ensure that we grow a sense of belonging within the whole school.  Below you can see an overview of the assemblies that we will be working through this year. 

Assembly Overview

On a Friday, we gather once more to celebrate!  We celebrate successes in school and children are awarded with certificates.  One child in every class receives a Special Class Award each week to celebrate something they have shined in.  We share in our class attendance awards and the winning class receives a trophy (we have other awards also linking to attendance, please do ask if you would like further information). 

Children work hard through the week earning house points and these are built upon.  Children then receive prestigious badges depending on the number of  house points they get.  

We sign happy birthday to the children who have celebrated their birthday that week, or will over the holiday ahead. 

Finally, we share our own personal development and children bring in things like swimming badges, evidence of money they have raised for charity, taekwondo and many other wonderful things that happen outside of school.  It is a wonderful opportunity to share their own development.

It is a joyous occasion and a real sense of celebration.

  • We hold House Events regularly which include assemblies, PE, art and other activities.

Click below to see how our Spiritual Moral Social & Cultural aspects of learning link to our curriculum.  

Term 2 example 

  • We offer a range of enrichment opportunities and clubs which can be viewed below:

Enrichment at The Avenue

  • We are also proud to offer The Avenue Adventures which we ask children to do at home over the Easter holidays and the rest of the year into Summer 2 when we showcase some of the wonderful things they have taken part in.  

Reception Avenue AdventuresYear 1 and 2 Avenue AdventuresYear 3 and 4 Avenue AdventuresYear 5 and 6 Avenue Adventures


Pupils develop a strength in character from the wide and rich experiences we offer at The Avenue. Our Avenue values, and the learning and opportunities we provide for all pupils, enables them to develop their own character and identity.

Pupils develop a positive mind-set and have high aspirations of themselves. This enables them to be courageous, showing determination and self-belief to try new things and see mistakes as opportunities to learn. Therefore, our pupils flourish in all areas: academically, emotionally and personally.

Our pupils build strong foundations during their time at The Avenue: they hold positive school memories and their Personal Development sets them up for their future.

The Head Teacher and Personal Development Lead consistently monitors the impact of our Personal Development offer through observations, Floor Book monitoring and the ongoing assessment of pupils through the Thrive Online profiling. We use whole-school pupil surveys, at least twice a year, to ensure that pupils’ voice is a large part of assessing the impact of Personal Development. We also use Parent View, and responses to both parent and staff surveys, as additional evidence of the impact of our Personal Development curriculum.

For information, particularly around our Implementation, please read our Personal Development Policy:

Personal Development Policy

Please also see our related curriculum pages:








Below are some useful websites for parents:

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Growth Mindset – Should you tell your kids they are smart or talented? Professor Carol Dweck answers this question and more, as she talks about her groundbreaking work on developing mindsets. She emphasizes the power of “yet” in helping students succeed in and out of the classroom.