Ethos and Values

Our Vision Statement

At The Avenue Primary School & Children’s Centre, our Vision is to create an inclusive environment where children develop a love of learning and thirst for knowledge, enabling them to make  personal and academic progress. We believe that every member of our community is unique and should be given the opportunities, support and challenge to achieve their full potential.

Our core values are central to everything we do. Together, we show:

  • Respect
  • Kindness
  • Honesty

Avenue Pupils are:

  • Motivated, independent, enthusiastic and creative learners

  • Happy, healthy, nurtured and filled with a love of learning

  • Confident in the core skills of speaking, listening, reading, writing and mathematics

  • Striving to do the best they can, showing resilience and determination

  • Actively involved and thoughtful members of their community

  • Tolerant and accepting of others

  • Secure and confident that they are individually valued

  • Eager to embrace the future with hope and confidence

Avenue Staff are:

  • Skilled, creative, caring and well qualified professionals

  • Dedicated and keen to work collaboratively to provide the best possible learning experiences

  • Good role models as learners and enjoy the challenge of learning

  • Committed to ensure they enthusiastically engage the children in their learning

  • Accountable, embrace responsibility and seek opportunities for professional development

  • Confident that they feel safe and supported and are given time to respond to new initiatives

  • Continually striving to discover, share and celebrate children’s talents

Avenue Parents are:

  • Valued, know that they have an important role and contribute to the school community

  • Well known to the staff

  • Supported with their child’s learning and development

  • Fully supportive of the school’s policies and procedures

  • Well informed about events and the progress of their child