Bad Weather Provision

Snow Procedure

We try our utmost to keep our school open when it snows but sometimes we have to close.

How will I know what to do if it is snowing in the morning?

  • An announcement will be placed on this school website.
  • A text message will be sent to parents to say that the school is closed.
  • Announcements will be made on BBC Wiltshire – there will also be a statement on their website.

We only make announcements if we are going to close.

If you do not receive a text or we are not included on the BBC Wiltshire list, the school will be open. We only make announcements if we are going to close.

School Grounds - Gritting Policy

Please take note of our policy for gritting the pedestrian areas of our school during icy conditions.

Areas to be gritted

  • A pathway from front gate to the school office entrance
  • A pathway from school entrance to main playground gates
  • A pathway from the school entrance to small playground/breakfast/afterschool club
  • The playgrounds
  • The rear pathway between playgrounds
  • The kitchen steps

Areas NOT gritted

  • Car parks
  • The Avenue – please also be aware that this road is not on the route covered by Wiltshire Council’s gritters

Person responsible for laying grit

  • Acorn site team

When to grit

  • Ice or below freezing weather conditions or forecast of this
  • Snow forecast

Clearing snow

  • The headteacher will decide whether or not to clear snow after assessing the conditions