Imagination within Early Years is found within each child, it is our job as educators to stretch that imagination to make the impossible possible!

Here at the Avenue Primary school and Children’s centre we strive to learn through originality and all play is purposeful. Whether it be attending a children’s tea party in the home corner or experimenting with different ways of learning such as counting how many beans we plant in the garden and for example using our creativity to discover the cause and effect of different objects within paint. All of our play involves active learning based on the children’s interests and we are constantly looking to extend their learning experience through involving them in new and exciting ways of learning, capturing the child’s imagination. We especially love to learn outdoors and get messy, for us muddy faces and painted hands equals a happy heart!


The Staff

We are fortunate in the Early Years Department at The Avenue to have a teaching assistant run lead nursery.

Debbie Huxham is the Early Years Trust Lead and overseas the running of the Nursery with Miss McInnes, the Headteacher.

All our Nursery staff are well experienced working in Early Years and provide an engaging, exciting setting which encourages curiosity, wonder and an enthusiasm for learning.


The Environment

The Reception and Nursery teaching spaces are both set up in a way that encourages independence and choice. There are some focused, adult-led teaching sessions but we also have the rooms set up to encourage children to play in a planned way. Experienced staff ensure that this play is purposeful and moves the children's learning forward.

We have a new shelter built over our outdoor area in Reception and a cover in Nursery to enable all year round, all-weather outdoor provision. Each of the classrooms has access their own outdoor space. We are also very fortunate to have huge grounds with a big expanse of grass, hedgerow and woodland, which we use for the children's learning.

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