English - Reading

We believe that reading is the key to success in the future.


We want our pupils to have the skills to access reading in all areas of the curriculum, and to take away a love of reading when they leave us. We want them to be readers for life!

To do this we aim to…

  •  Ensure that pupils are exposed to a range of texts which means they become fluent and accurate in reading across a variety of genres and styles.
  • Ensure that explicit teaching of reading skills and strategies to support pupils in accessing all subject areas and understanding the world around them.
  • Promote a love of reading: through books as doors and mirrors, pupils connect with the world and peoples around them, and learn about themselves.
  • Link to our core values of  aspiration, positivity, pride, resilience and respect and responsibility  when teaching reading.
  • Develop pupils’ vocabulary and a love of language to help pupils to access a range of texts.
  • Develop a consistent approach to teaching reading in order to close gaps and ensure that all children leave in year 6 being able to read to learn.

Our school and classrooms are places where we encourage a rich and varied access to language to support reading and writing skills. We aim to create a culture in our school which encourages a love of reading to engage and inspire pupils to want to succeed. 

What does a ‘reader for life’ look like?

What does a reader look like

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